Car Modifications

You may think that car modifications are reserved for boy racers and glamming up a car with diamantes and dice. You’d be wrong! There are plenty of uses for modifications and some of them can make your life a whole lot easier.

Car modifications are often carried out to improve either the look or performance of your car. There are however some quick and easy wins to offer more practicality in your motor. Here are our favourites…

Tinted windows

Now there are aesthetic benefits to tinted windows, but they do come with a dose of practicality too. They can block out UV light and reduce the heat in your car. You can do this at home or take it to a professional, just make sure you check the legalities on the tint first!

Phone holder

Keep your phone safe and out of sight, or if you are using it as a sat-nav, you can get it in prime position without it causing a distraction.

USB Charger

You wouldn’t think it would be classed as a modification, but it is, and it can make the world of difference. Say goodbye to flat batteries and being caught short, this is a cheap modification to make your like a whole lot easier.

Car wraps

Now this one is a little more extravagant, but it is a great way of changing the look of your car at a more reasonable price than a re-spray.

New tyres

Changing your tyres is a great way to improve fuel efficiency and performance. Do your research and there will be a whole world of tyres waiting for you.

Depending on the modification, it could impact your insurance, so watch out for this and check with your insurance provider before going ahead.

There you have our favourite modifications, if you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the team at Smallbone and Son.