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Cars For Millennials

When it comes to cars, millennials have admitted that they buy cars to enhance their online presence.

According to a survey, 53% of young people bought a car for ''prestige'' reasons, blaming the pressures of social media and the influence of celebrities. Nearly half of millennials post photos and videos of their new cars on social platforms to show off to their followers.

The 3 cars millennials desire the most are in fact; Audi R8, BMW i8, and Ford GT. This explains why 31% of young drivers have said they would spend over £500 a month on finance for a car.

Even though the Audi, BMW, and Ford are the most desired cars, it turns out that the most popular vehicles purchased by millennials are; Ford Fiestas, Vauxhall Corsa's, and Volkswagen Golfs. This is because these cars tend to have low insurance prices and are not expensive to run/maintain. These 3 tend to be good for first car purchases.

Ford Fiestas are popular amongst millennials known for being an easy car to drive, comfortable and boasts low running cost - including low insurance.

A Ford Fiesta could also make a good, little family car, having a good amount of interior room and practicality. You can expect to pay around £16,000 for a new Ford Fiesta or around a maximum of £200 per month on finance. The 15th most popular car model according to yougov, described as Reliable, Comfortable, Well Designed, Fun, and Affordable.

The Vauxhall Corsa is similar to the Ford Fiesta in the sense that it is low running costs and low insurance prices. Maintenance of a Corsa is very cheap when it comes to new parts such as tyres etc. The price that a new Corsa can come in around £15,000 RRP or an estimated £169 per month on finance.

Volkswagen Golf is known for being good for long-distance driving and is comfortable for the journey. Repairs on a Golf are not costly and are less severe than average, with the frequencies of issues being just under average this means major repairs are not common. RRP for this car is £20,000 or around £200 per month. The VW Golf has been described as a popular car model as well as Good Quality, Well Designed, Classic, Safe and Quality engineering. 

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