Driving Tips

You might have been driving for years or you could be finding your feet on the accelerator, we all need a refresher sometimes and we have put together a few handy driving tips that you can use next time you’re on the road.  

Parking your car

This is a handy trick for if you struggle to remember where you parked your car. Before you head out on your travels, drop a pin on Google Maps so that when its time to retire back to the car, you have a map to follow. This will no doubt save you time, energy and a whole lot of walking.


Staying on the subject of parking, consider where you are leaving your car next time you head to a car park. While it is tempting to get a space as close to your destination as you can, it can sometimes result in careless drivers and potential damage to your car. Get a few more steps in and park further away, which will minimise the risk of damage as not many others are keen for that extra walk.

Everyday is a school day

If you’re normally a fan of a Spotify playlist, or maybe the radio, you can pop on a podcast or an audio book. You’ll still be entertained on your car journey, but you will be learning something new in the process. From current affairs to how-to-start-a-business, there is a whole world of podcasts and audio books to be discovered.

Be prepared

Stock up on essentials whether that’s water and snacks for an emergency or a jerry can and a spare tyre. A first aid kit could also come in handy… If you’re heading on a long journey, make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable, including the right footwear and clothing – we’re talking a coat and extra layers.

There are just a few of our driving trips, if you have any more let us know! Also, if you’re looking for a used car in Birmingham, get in touch with us at Smallbone and Son.