MINI Coupe Review

MINI is known for fun, adventure and style but what happens when you take the iconic design and turn it into a coupe? It’s certainly striking to look at, but how does it stand within the MINI line up and has it earnt its place there? The short answer is ‘yes’ but we a far more interesting take on it than that. Read our review of the MINI Coupe below.

Small by design but it still packs a punch. There’s a range of specs in the running, whether you want something calmer on the roads or something that will leave others trailing behind. We know that’s personal preference. The low centre of gravity on the car, teamed with still suspension mean that you will feel planted on the road and will grip corners tightly, possibly more so than the larger models in the MINI range.

If you want to be inconspicuous on the roads, go into private investigation or use it as a getaway car, the MINI Coupe is not for you. It’s designed to get you noticed, from the extraordinary shape of the body, right through to its intriguing interior.

There’s a whole host of bright colours in the range, as well as ‘those’ racing stripes that everyone seems to absolutely love, or absolutely hate. Now, there isn’t buckets of room inside, as a two-seater with a slick design, you don’t have oodles of room to spread out and relax. That’s not to say it’s not comfortable, it’s just something to be aware of when choosing your next car. If you have four children and you are seven foot three, it might be worth opting for something larger.

Good news is, inside it still looks and feels like a MINI. The oversized speedo and the exaggerated features, all make it feel like home. There is plenty of storage spaces and cubbies to get things organised and you won’t feel short-changed on boot space, we can assure you.

All in all, the MINI Coupe is packed with excitement and if you’re looking for something small, slightly sporty with and edge, a MINI Coupe would make a great car for you. Find a used MINI in Birmingham at Smallbone and Son by clicking here.