We know they come around once a year for the majority of us but what is it that makes an MOT so important, and what is included? Read on to find out where we tell you all you need to know.

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a check that is carried out on your car to make sure it is roadworthy. It is comprised of a series of checks and tests and at the end you will get a pass certificate, or if it fails, a list of work that needs to be done. An MOT tests the safety of your car and also measures it against environmental checks, all of which are set out by the DVSA. An MOT is a legal requirement each year, for cars over three years old.

Why is an MOT important?

Not only is it a legal requirement, but it keeps you safe on the roads as well. Without an MOT, you could be driving around in a car that is about the go BANG and be none the wiser about it.

What is included?

A multitude of things. AN Mot checks everything from the brake system and headlights, to the seatbelts and the windscreen wipers. It is a comprehensive check that will make sure you are legal on the roads. Do note that an MOT isn’t a guarantee of your cars safety. You will need to book regular services for the maintenance and upkeep of your car.

How do I book one?

At Smallbone and Son, we have a dedicated service centre filled with trained technicians. You can book your car in for an MOT by visiting the website, calling us, or popping in and speaking to one of the team. If you’re not sure whether you are due for an MOT, we can help you find that out too.