Repair or replace your tyre

How do you know when to repair or when to replace your tyre?

We have put together a few tips to give you an idea of what damage can be repaired. Do remember, if you are at all unsure, get in touch with the team at Smallbone and Son who will be able to help.

The first thing to note is that if your tread depth is below 1.6mm or if you have substantial damage from potholes and suchlike, you will definitely need to replace your tyre.

Replacing your tyre

There are a few scenarios where repairing your tyre is out of the question. These could include:

  • Cracking or deformation of rubber
  • Numerous previous repairs
  • Visible steel cords from the inner layer of the tyre
  • Bead damage. The bead is the edge of a tire that is in contact with the wheel
  • Uneven tyre wear in the centre or at the edges.

Repairing your tyre

Whether or not the tyre can be repaired will be dependent on a few different factors. The location of the puncture is the first key thing. The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association says you should only get a tyre repaired if the damage is on the central ¾ of the tyre. Any puncture too close to the sidewall cannot result in a safe and lasting repair.

If you have run flat tyres, it is strongly advised that you replace these instead of repairing. The nature of the tyre means that repairs are tricky, and chances are, it has been driven on over 30mph after the puncture occurred.

If you are at all unsure, it is always best to seek the help and advice of a professional.

There are our tips for repairing and replacing tyres. If you have any questions or if you are looking for more advice, the service centre at Smallbone and Son will have the answers for tyre repairs in Birmingham.