Check your credit rating

Check your credit rating

An online credit checking service which shows you the likelihood of being approved for finance on your next car. It doesn't impair your credit rating and is completely free. returns a range of finance offers applicable to your chosen car based on the dealer's panel of lenders. These lenders will have carefully selected by the dealer and have a working relationship with them. The lenders will provide a choice of products and the newer the car the more options you will have.

Each lender will look at an application for finance differently. This is often reflected through the rates they offer, with the lowest rates being offered to the most creditworthy customers.

Some lenders are happy to consider applicants that have experienced credit problems or have little credit history, typically they will charge more.

CarFinanceChecker uses a sophisticated credit decisioning engine which predicts the likely lending verdict from each provider of finance. Every lender uses a large amount of information within the process, which includes the following:

  • Vehicle information
  • Details of your finance requirements
  • Your personal circumstances
  • Information from your credit file