Skoda Yeti Review

If you are considering choosing one of our used Skoda Yeti cars for your next motor, read our review below!

The Skoda Yeti was the first crossover built by the Czech company. A practical interior paired with chunky looks and plenty of space made it a hit with families of all sizes.

The Yeti may no longer be on sale, but it still remains a popular vehicle in the used market. Skoda has since replaced it with the Karoq and the Kodiaq; the latter to a lesser extent. Even now, the Skoda Yeti is competitive against its newer rivals, with consumers falling for its no-nonsense attitude.

Unless you’re planning on frequenting rutted tracks and muddy fields on a regular basis, then four-wheel drive may not be required. The Yeti feels far better suited to two-wheel drive and the efficient yet lively 1.2 TSI engine. It provides enough power for perky performance, great real-world economy and a more refined driving experience.

While there isn’t a performance variant of the Yeti, buyers can opt for the Monte Carlo Edition. Adding a contrasting black roof and mirror, 17-inch alloy wheels and a three-spoke steering wheel inside. Amongst some cosmetic upgrades, the minor facelift the Yeti received also simplified the range, offering either Regular or Outdoor trims. The former loses the black plastic body cladding, offering a more on-road style.

The interior represents the Skoda brand very well with form following function. The cabin offers little in the way of flashiness, just excellent ergonomics and a solid driving position. Opt for a higher spec Skoda Yeti and it can actually feel rather plush. Despite not being a large car, you’d struggle to believe that from the inside. The Yeti’s upright and square body allows you to use every inch of space inside. A party trick for the model is removable rear seats. Each seat can be individually tumbled, folded and removed to reveal a maximum of 1760 litres of load space in the rear.


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