The Birmingham Clean Air Zone Explained

Last month, the government approved the Clean Air Zone proposed by Birmingham City Council. If you are unsure of if and how the new clean air charges will affect you, this article might be able to answer some of your burning questions.



The Clean Air Zone is a defined area in Birmingham which heavily-polluting vehicles will be fined for entering.



The level of air pollution in cities throughout the UK has become detrimental to public health. In response to this, the government has ordered five cities to introduce Clean Air Zones, one of which is Birmingham. The aim of this is to improve air quality and to reduce the number of cases of preventable illness.



The clean air charges will apply to individuals driving within Central Birmingham, with the A4540 Middleway ring road acting as the border. The circular route itself will not be included.


Only vehicles which are not compliant with the zone’s emission standards will be liable to pay the fines, that is diesel vehicles manufactured before 2015 and petrol vehicles manufactured before 2006. Click here to check whether or not your vehicle is compliant.


How Much

The charge for non-compliant vehicles will be £8 per day, and the charge for buses and HGVs is £50 per day. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will pick up liable vehicles entering the zone, and the drivers of these motors will be able to pay online. Failure to pay may result in a fine of £120.



The charge will be in effect at all times. As for when the Clean Air Zone will be implemented, it is scheduled to be in effect by January 2020.


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