What to pack for a road trip

The summer sun has finally arrived and if you’re heading on a road trip, lucky you! Here are a few things to pack for the journey which will make all the more enjoyable.

From the practical things to have inside your car to the items more associated with comfort, if you’re hitting the road this summer remember to pack the essentials.

Vehicle checks

To start with, you should make all the necessary checks to your vehicle before setting off. While this isn’t something to ‘pack’ as such, you will be thanking your lucky stars you made these checks before heading off on your adventures. Oil, tyres and windscreen wiper fluid are all essential checks you should make before setting off. Always!

Breakdown essentials

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, you will want to make sure you’re fully prepared and have everything you need to deal with the breakdown in a calm, cool and collected way. Make sure you have a mobile phone with plenty of charge, warm clothes in case you have to stand by the roadside at night, a first aid kit, a fuel carrier and your warning triangle. These are just a few of the things you can have on board to make a breakdown a little safer for all involved.


If you have kids in the car, entertainment is a must. Before everyone buries their head in a screen, consider some games you could play together or spend some time reading. That way, the car journey will feel more like the start of your adventure as opposed to another iPad filled evening.

Snacks and drinks

Whether you’re traveling just down the road or across the country, as soon as you leave familiar ground, someone will cry out that they are hungry. Save on money and time by packing plenty of snacks and drinks to last you through the journey.

There are just a few things to pack for your road trip to make it all the more enjoyable this summer. If you’re in need of a used car to get you to your destination, visit Smallbone and Son of Birmingham.