Why servicing is so important

Regularly getting your car serviced can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your motor. Avoiding servicing can often result in costly and large repairs. Find out the other reasons why servicing is so important…

Cars are mechanical objects. There is only a finite number of miles they can cover before they need a little TLC. Avoiding this can only bring bad news for car owners, resulting in anything from a major fault to a complete burnout of your car.

Happy car, happy life

Keeping your car in a good condition makes for a smoother, slicker ride. Getting rid of all the nasty particles that get into the oil and filters prevent major issues and also can improve fuel efficiency and the riding experience.

Staying safe

Things like your brake pads and discs will be checked during a service, so you have peace of mind that your motor is in the best condition it can be in to keep you safe. Avoiding servicing could mean you have multiple safety features that need improving or replacing, without you knowing anything about them. This is dangerous to say the very least.

Tyres, tyres, tyres, (tyres)

All four of them. Or three of them if you happen to have a three-wheeler. During a service, your tyres will also be professionally checked, so no more guesswork with a 20 pence piece. Road-worthy tyres are a legal requirement, and should they be below the necessary gauge, you could face 3 points and a £2,500 fine, per tyre.


Protecting the future value of the car is an important thing to consider. Having a full-service history to go alongside the sale of your car protects the value of it immensely. Service history is a great way of ensuring the vehicle has been cared for correctly by the current or previous owner. It is certainly something buyers are mindful of.

Save money in the long run

As if these points weren’t enough to convince you, regular servicing can actually save you money in the long run. Not only will you save money on expensive repairs, but regular servicing can save you money at the fuel pump and money when you come to selling the car.

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